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In this section, we’ll cover following things:-

  1. How to Transfer songs from windows to iPad/iPhone/iPod.
  2. How to Manage songs by making Playlists in iTunes.


Step 1) Click, Download and install iTunes on your Windows PC or MAC (32 bit or 64 bit).


Step 2) it will look like this image

itunes songs1




Step 3) Now go to “View” menu and then click on “Show Sidebar” or else just press “CTRL+S” to enable sidebar.

itunes songs2



Step 4) Now connect your Apple Device (iPhone, iPad or iPod anything) with your computer. It’ll look like this:

itunes songs3



Step 5) Just scroll down and you’ll see “Manually manage music and videos”, Enable it and Press “Sync”

{WARNING:- All your old music files and videos will be erased if you do this. Just Enable it only if you don’t want those files.}

itunes songs4



Step 6) Now go to “File” then “New” and then “Playlist” or else, just press “Ctrl+N” to make a new Playlist for your songs.

itunes songs5



Step 7) Just single click on “Playlist” and rename it (like I name it “New Songs”) and press Enter.

itunes songs6



Step 8) (This step is little tricky) Now go to “My Computer” on Start Menu and find your music/songs folder. Select songs that you want to transfer to iPad. And just Drag those songs to iTunes- New Songs Playlist. That’s it.

itunes songs7


iTunes will automatically Sync all songs that are compatible with this device.

Now you can make more Playlists and organize your songs in Apple devices. And Remember you can listen songs on your iPhone/iPad/iPod by selecting “Music” then “Playlist” and there you’ll find your organized songs.

itunes songs8

IDE to Multi-SATA Connector

Now we can use Multiple SATA Hard Drives in our old motherboards with IDE Connectors.


  • One Serial ATA port
  • Two Parallel ATA Ports
  • Converts Serial ATA to Parallel ATA
  • Converts Parallel ATA to Serial ATA
  • Support ATA 100/133
  • Compliant with serial ATA specification
  • Here is the link to download ASRock Motherboard P4i45GV drivers..  Click Here,,

    Coolmax PS-228-Power Supply Tester with LCD


    • Mfr Part Number: PS-228
    • Feature:
      • Easy to check ATX power supply
      • Aluminum case
      • Accurate voltage indicator +/- 0.1V (+12V1/+5V/+3.3V/5VSB/+12V2/-12V)
      • ATX P.G. value display
      • Lower or higher P.G. values alarm
      • ATX output connectors check
      • Lower voltage detected alarm
      • Over voltage alarm
      • No voltage detected alarm
    • Connectors Support: 20/24pin Connector; 4/8pin CPU Connector; Floppy Connector; HDD Connector; 15Pin SATA Connector; 6/8pin PCI-E Connector.

    Try this link- Click Here if u can’t find drivers then do the following steps..

    here is the way to download Asus Motherboard Drivers for free..Read this first

    1) go to

    2)You’ll see 3 colomns to select your product.

    3) In First Column Select “MOTHERBOARD

    4) In Second Column Select “SOCKET775

    5) In Third Column Select the series of your Motherboard..

    6) Select Operating System.that’s’ll be forwaded to Asus Direct Download Site..

    Download WAT(Windows Activation Tachnology) Remover Click Here..
    Size: 4.2 Mb
    Requirement: Windows 7 (any edition 32/64 Bit)

    RemoveWAT – A safer activation solution.

    1. renames slmgr on x64 aswell
    2. Works on unicode systems
    3. silent mode with /s switch
    4. UI tweaked slightly
    5. No reboot neccessary
    6. Passes WGA on X64
    This is a little tool I put together to remove WAT (Windows Activation Technologies) completely from the OS, whilst still retaining genuine status and receiving all updates (optional aswell). You can also pass the genuine check in things like Windows Defender.
    There will be no windows activation section in control panel (thanks to nononsence)
    no nags, no prompts, nothing. WAT gone.

    Download ESET NOD32 Antivirus for 32 Bit Windows

    Download ESET NOD32 Antivirus for 64 Bit Windows

    Size: 37.5 MB.
    Compatible with: Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / XP x64 / Vista x64 / Win 7 / Win 7 x64.
    Releasing Date: April 9th, 2010.
    Requirements: · Memory: 44 MB · Disk Space (Download): 28 MB · Disk Space (Installation): 35 MB.

    Here are some tricks to make it full fledged Antivirus system:

    • First of all to update from internet just goto and copy and paste latest Username and Password and Click on UPDATE NOW.

    • To verify about latest virus definitions after updation, just see your antivirus notification like in this picture:-

    • Now on NOD32 Antivirus Window, Press F5 for Advanced Configurations.

    • Now select Antivirus and Antispyware and click on SETUP and then Select CLEANING.


    Same way make these changes to other Antivirus Components too like next one is Real time File System Protection and so on.

    That’s it enjoy the lightest, quickest and fastest antivirus system ESET NOD32 free of cost.


    Form factor SSI EEB (12” x 13”)
    Processor support
    • Up to 2 Intel® Xeon® processors 5500 or 5600 series
    Chipset Intel® 5520 chipset with Intel® I/O Controller Hub ICH10R
    Thermal solutions
    • Intel® Thermal Solution STS100 series
    Intel® QuickPath Technology 4.8 GT/s, 5.8 GT/s, and 6.4 GT/s
    Memory 12 DDR3 DIMM sockets (registered or unbuffered)

    • 6 channel native (800/1066/1333 MHz)
    Memory RAS features Channel mirroring, demand scrubbing, patrol scrubbing, and channel independent mode
    Slot types
    • 2 PCI Express* 2.0 x16 slot (x16 mechanical)
    • 1 PCI Express 1.0 x4 slot (x8 mechanical shared with optional SAS module)
    • 1 PCI Express 1.0 x1 slot (x4 mechanical)
    • 1 PCI 32/33 5V slot
    • 6 SATA ports (3 Gbps) via ICH10R with Intel® Embedded Server RAID Technology
    • Modular SAS and SAS RAID solution via optional Intel® I/O Expansion Modules
    Intel® RAID support
    • Integrated SATA SW RAID levels 0/1/10
    • Optional integrated SW RAID 5 with activation key
    • Optional validated Intel® RAID Controllers
    Integrated LAN Embedded dual port Intel® 82575EB Gigabit Ethernet Controller with Intel® Virtualization Technology◊
    Integrated graphics Server Engine* LLC Pilot II* Controller with 64 MB DDR2 memory, 8 MB allocated to graphics
    Integrated audio 7.1 HD audio
    Management hardware
    • Integrated IPMI 2.0 baseboard management controller
    • Optional Intel® Remote Management Module 3 (Intel® RMM3)
    Management software
    • Intel® System Management Software
    • Intel® Deployment Assistant